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A job advertising trend in the making?

keskiviikko, 06 maaliskuu 2013 by

One of the most interesting recruitment ads I´ve seen in a long, long time came out a couple of weeks ago in the U.S. by a company called Enterasys. They are looking for a social media pro of the best kind. What makes the job ad stand out so much, is how they are accepting

Today we´re seeing a major step being taken in webshopping as we know it. For a while there´s been buzz around social media webshops, and the Finnish company Vuole with their social media webshop platform Savalanche has been one of the forerunners in this field. They have been actively setting up new webshops for various

This is an excerpt of a guest post that can be found in full at the FMSSEO.com site Social Media Optimization is a fairly new concept and still somewhat vague, meaning different things for different people. It was first defined back in the mid-2000s, but has been re-phrased since. It was originally very link-building focused,

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Social Business Intelligence in short

tiistai, 04 tammikuu 2011 by

Business Intelligence Business Intelligence (BI) is usually business information brought to a centralized analysis tool for analysis and decision making support purposes, and is still quite often financials-related data. Usually it`s collected from sources such as the company CRM, ERP, helpdesk, financial systems and the HR tools. In some cases it can also be business

This is part 2 of 2 for the Social Media and webshopping trends of Russia article So as we´ve learned before, webshopping in Russia is still more or less complicated for a number of reasons. What more, many of the local most frequently used social media sites and tools are local, or heavily localized. And

Social Media and webshopping trends in Russia

torstai, 02 joulukuu 2010 by

Part 1 of 2, Social Media and webshopping trends in Russia Russia was for long somewhat behind Western Europe and North America what comes to the availability and use of web services and even general accessability to Internet. Still today many of the far eastern parts of Russia are lacking stable Internet connection and thus the country

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The 8P´s of Marketing in Social Media

perjantai, 12 marraskuu 2010 by

The 4P´s of Marketing There´s a million and one people out there thinking they know something about marketing, so I thought why not me as well. Here´s my 2 cents… We all know Neil Borden´s 4 big ones, don´t we? – Product – Price – Place – Promotion And as we also know, these contain ’flaws’ or

The ROI of Social Media – some of it anyway

keskiviikko, 10 marraskuu 2010 by

This post was first published at GLG Councils´ analyst website 1.11.2010 a bit shorter. This is the first post in the series of SoMeROI articles coming up. Yes, we can! We can see ROI on the efforts put in Social Media, whether it is marketing, communications/PR, sales, recruitment or plain and simple effectiveness of operations. Companies´ usage

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